Nin is the oldest Croatian royal town. An exceptional type of city-church complex, it is unique in the entire Mediterranean region.
Small, isolated “places of worship” are witnesses of the oldest Croatian culture from the 9 th and 12 th centuries.

The visitor can enter the little town by crossing one of two old bridges and through one of the historical main gates go for sightseeing the city walls of Nin.
The town is very rich in cultural and historical monuments as well as in archaeological findings and collections such as:
the Duke Višeslav’s baptismal font, two old Croatian boats called «Condura Croatica»
(11th c.), a Roman Temple, parish Church of St. Anselm (6th-18th c.), the Gothic Chapel of St. Marcella, the Church of St. Ambrose (13th c.), St. Cross Church (9th c.) – the smallest Cathedral in the world, the Pre-Romanesque Church of St. Nicholas (12th c.), the bronze statue of the famous Croatian Bishop Gregorius, the Archaeological collection and many more.


The medicinal peoloid of Nin has served the curative purposes since the Roman times till now. It has the physical, mechanic and chemical effect. The shallow seawater warmed by sun offers the continuation of the thermo therapy of various rheumatic illnesses, foremost at various spine malformations and the consequently resulting troubles, of female sterility and of various skin diseases. The therapy is applied in a very pleasant natural environment as well as the following bathing and swimming in the very warm seawater.


Sabunike is a small touristic place 20 km. from Zadar. It is famous for its sandy beaches, warm sea and beautiful views and landscape.
You can enjoy the shallow and clean sea from May to September. Your children can safely swim and play on the warm sand.

In the evening you can spend a nice time in the restaurants, pizzerias, party shops, walking by the beaches, along the piny woods or enjoy the tranquility on your terrace under the starry sky.

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